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...on the personal webpage www.dreesen-online.de. This is not a commercial site. What you will find here is mainly private stuff, for the most part information concerning me, who I am, what I like and what I am doing. Last but not least the page contains some older documents about information systems. These are on the hand some summaries of lectures of University Duisburg-Essen (UDE), on the other hand some notes about my research at the University of Cologne (UoC). Finally, this site is my personal "laboratory" for trying and implementing some fancy web developer stuff that I am interested in. So, if you are furthermore interested, feel free to explore the remaining pages!

Best regards,

Tim Dreesen

Short history

Well done. It is 1997. Tony Blair has become Prime Minister in the UK, NASA´s drone Pathfinder has landed on Mars and I decided to registrate the domain www.dreesen-online.de by the german DENIC. Microsoft´s Windows 95 is starting to dominate the market of operating systems for personal computers (yeah, you might remember the popular XP, it is dropped 4 years later in 2001). And what is about this thing called Internet? Imagine, all we had was a connection which made up to, let´s say, 28.8kbps. That is nearly 3.6 kB/s. Awesome! Netscape Navigator (Version 4) has been THE state-of-the-art browser and it showed us all of this stunning beauty and splendor of graphical (most of the pages still contained text only) web pages in a way not seen before. By the way, in a resolution of maximum of 640x480 pixel (of course you were using an old fashioned Cathode Ray Tube (CRT) Monitor, not a fancy flat screen), which is nearly the half of the resolution an Iphone 5 uses. To cut a long a story short.

Times changed, and technologies that enable the presentation of web contents, as well. So, it is not surprising, that this page changed a lot since 1997 to year 2016. And it will continue to change. In December 2015, I decided to start a bigger refresh of my page. I said goodbye to my old TYPO3 and replaced it with a lean and simple HTML5/CSS3 web page structure. IF you want to get insight in my thoughts concerning future content, you should take a look at the paragraph at the top and the column to the right. I hope, that finally some useful (maybe interesting) contents will be realized. Ideas, proposals as well as criticism is welcome, so, do not hesitate to contact me!

Well, much remains to be done, I have to go to work...;-)


So, as you can see the whole thing is some kind of construction yard. I want to do a lot of things, there have so many technologies widely evolved since the last time I made a serious update to my website. Of course I want to test them all, but to be honest, in the end it is a matter of time... That´s why I´ve decided to make a small version of a masterplan.. Maybe I will have the endurance to get the few points done, we will see ;-)